Start studying early.

Own material that was covered in the classroom for more than enough time to review. You need to review how quickly how much content to start study may want to gauge. For example, you have a whole semester to review content, you first want to begin to study a week. However, if you just before or is a test that covers content on some chapters, are taking a week even for three to four days can be enough. [1] Only you know how long it takes to study, so that you are the best judge of when to start the study. Class material is particularly hard for you. Preliminary studies. In fact, content yourself enough time to overcome it and to review it again. Sleep a whole night before the exam. Your brain is subconsciously to digest everything you put into it, so start early so you do not have time to stay up all night. [2].

Read through the entirety of your notes that will be on the exam

The content of your memory and help you remember what you learned. Also all the information in your notes where this is located in your notes so that you know where to find them will help you to know about, and what's missing from your notes. If you decide to study your notes are sufficient enough. You miss any class? Some of your notes are missing? If so, you need to borrow someone else's notes..

Get some good notes.

You are not going to be a good note-taking, or if a "hole" in your notes, a friend, then you can ask his or her copy of the notes. Good note make all the difference when you are studying. Content that does not well explained in this book highlight the information and it is easy to understand and can explain to miss. If you have only five pages of notes PF, but your friend is twenty, you probably missed some important information. For your friends to compare your notes in your notes where the holes are..